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MultiPulse Ho Laser System - MultiPulse HO

The MultiPulse HO is a surgical holmium laser for endourology with a maximum power of 35 watts – known as the Gold Standard tool for endosurgical laser lithotripsy for the treatment of ureter stones and common bile duct stones.

As perfect lithotripter, the MultiPulse HO is optimized for pulverization and fragmentation of ureteral, bladder and kidney stones. Effective for the treatment of all types and chemical stones composition, the MultiPulse HO today represents the optimal solution even for those particularly difficult to reach.

Moreover, its power of 35 W allows the MultiPulse HO to manage large calculi with efficient and fast surgeries.



  • High peak power
  • Adjustable pulse duration
  • Dynamic power range
  • Specialized tool for lithotripsy
  • Short learning curve
  • Easy to install and operate